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A Day in the Life of an LSC Student

The moment you inform all those inquisitive people that you are indeed going to University, you are immediately pinned to a certain stereotype. ‘University? Student? Pah…that just means you’ve got 3 years of laziness, eating baked beans out of a can and sleeping through the odd lecture’. And throughout your student life, you will find it very difficult to break that stereotype and convince those people that the next three years of your life are as opposite to that as you could possibly imagine.

I myself remember that first moment it was confirmed I was going to London Studio Centre. Ecstatic is an understatement. All my life I had dreamed of going to a performing arts college, and I was pretty sure I knew everything about them. After all, I’d had advice from all my dance teachers and had spent hours trawling through pages and pages of internet waffle over each and every possible college choice. It couldn’t be that much different, could it?

But it is safe to say, that no matter how much you think you are prepared for the big initiation, you will never quite know what you’ve let yourself in for until you experience it yourself.

London Studio Centre, a college that prides itself on the quality and high-standard of the students it produces each year. We see those graduates going on to bigger and better things, making their dreams a reality and seemingly easing themselves into what can only be described as one of the most demanding life choices one can make. For what you will be entering isn’t just a career. It is your life. But what happens behind the scenes? Well, I’ll let you into that little secret.

Right from the offset of your very first week, you have the chance to experience almost every style of performing you could want. Of course, you have the daily ballet lessons, the jazz and the contemporary, but then you get the excitement of partnering classes, where you live the lindy-hop, jive the jive and sex it up in the salsa. Each and every teacher brings with them a fresh approach to your classes. With the large percentage still working and living the West End, it is a simple observation that their advice and little ‘tit-bits’ are second to none.

But if it’s not just the dancing you find yourself craving, fear not, for London Studio Centre’s number one aim is diversity; to create the 360 performer. Each singing class allows you to learn something different. Whether its theory or full blown belting, classical repertoire or American Twang, any individual teacher will instil in you a valuable lesson. And then there’s the drama lessons, which for a brief moment, allow you to let go of any inhibitions and build upon the character you see yourself becoming, without smothering you or limiting your decisions.

Although I am sure many of you will not want me mentioning these, the lectures provided by some of the most intellectual people are perhaps one of the most interesting parts of your time at LSC. Allowing you an insight into those people who made your craft what it is today, each lecture focuses on a separate area of the industry, be it the history of ballet, or the legends behind the Golden Hollywood era, you can find those hidden facts that gives your performing some sense of meaning.

If like me, you are one of these indecisive people who can’t quite create that concrete path and firmly stick to it, then don’t worry, LSC ensure to aid you along the way. Each term throughout your first and second year, you will get to choose a variety of options and tailor your timetable, allowing you to experience different styles, different approaches and different imaginations. From commercial jazz to drama improvisation, pas-de-deux to musical theatre, each term you will get further along the way to making your ultimate third year decision.

Not once during your time at London Studio Centre will you feel alone or ambling. Whether it’s your tutor or your ballet teacher, your lecturer or head of year, you can guarantee that should you have any queries or qualms, they will do their upmost to provide an answer.

If there is one piece of advice I can leave with you as a former student of London Studio Centre, it will be this; make the most of each and every moment. I can’t stress enough how quickly three years will fly by, and if I could have my time again, I would ensure to get involved in every opportunity that LSC brings my way. And other than that…enjoy it to the full!


Rebecca Cook