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LSC’s Response to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

LSC’s Response to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic

We are delighted and excited to welcome back students this September, following an inspirational online summer term where we saw students producing some really exciting work and working together throughout these challenging times. For our return the primary concern for LSC is the safety of our vibrant community of students and staff. In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the advice of experts and existing government guidance and made some essential changes to the way that we will deliver our programmes and courses to ensure that we continue to offer our renowned high-quality education whilst keeping the LSC family safe.

Here is how we will do this:

Blended Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching: For the Academic Year 2020-2021, LSC will offer blended learning provision. This will be a mixture of both face-to-face learning and teaching experiences alongside online provision. We will be prioritising practical dance techniques and some singing and acting for face-to-face learning and shifting all lectures, seminars and tutorials to virtual learning platforms.

Our face-to-face provision will be taught in discrete groups to limit the risk of exposure to the virus and will ensure that social distancing can be maintained at all times. Classes such as contact improvisation or partnering will, of course, need to be adapted until it is safe to return to regular practices without social distancing.

Additionally we have invested in state of the art platforms to host our virtual learning in order to seamlessly transition between the two learning spaces. Some classes will be recorded and pre-recorded online so that students can view and revisit class material as often as they would like.

Assessment: In this blended learning model of delivery, most assessments will run as normal with the exception of some singing assessments.

Performances: LSC is committed to providing performance opportunities to our students. We will be following government guidance on performance in order to keep everyone safe and will look to provide a variety of mixed-mode performance opportunities.

Keeping us all safe

To keep our community safe we have introduced a variety of safety measures such as:

  • Staggered entry and exit times to avoid congestion
  • Lengthening the operating day to 8am-8pm in order to rotate groups in the building, reducing gaps and facilitating social distancing
  • Blended learning
  • Delivering face-to-face classes in specialist groups (in year groups but also pathways) to minimise the risk of transmission throughout the entire student and staff population
  • One way flow patterns throughout the building
  • Adhere to social distanced reviewed room capacities
  • Marked spaces in all studios and teaching spaces to observe social distancing
  • Additional studio and shared space cleaning protocol in between group use, including studio fogging
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer stations available in every studio/teaching space
  • Thorough personal hygiene expectations for both students and staff
  • Staff and student training on new COVID procedures
  • Signage reminding students and staff about COVID signs and symptoms and social distancing
  • Daily temperature checking upon building entry
  • Daily COVID screening to be completed before arriving at the building for all staff and students
  • Expecting students and staff to follow government guidelines outside of LSC in their home, work or social environments
  • Splitting admin and support staff into teams in order to maintain services and minimise the risk of transmission
  • Expectation that all staff and students will wear a mask whilst in the building, unless medically unable to
  • Combining advice from government, Public Health England, and the World Health Organisation with dance industry advisors such as One Dance UK and the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre to provide a best practice environment.

Contingency Learning and Teaching Planning

LSC have been working closely with its validating partners to ensure that contingency plans are in place in case of a second National lockdown or Local lockdown that would leave us unable to continue our face-to-face provision.

Learning and Teaching: Such provision would look at ensuring that both live and pre-recorded class work would be available to students from the comfort of their own homes.

Assessment: In the case of the requirement to move assessment online, LSC has worked with students and staff to create a robust contingency assessment plan that would involve maintaining the integrity and mode of assessments. For example: practical dance assessments will be modified to ensure students can submit manageable recordings of their dance work, and presentation assessments will be done via video conferencing platforms. Written submissions will remain unchanged.

Performances: LSC is committed to providing performance opportunities to our students. Where live performance is or becomes impossible, LSC has a track record of producing vibrant and creative digital alternatives that will showcase student work.

Further details

COVID-19 Guidelines and Regulations will be circulated to students and staff prior to arrival, with further induction during the first week.  They will be required to sign to confirm they will abide by the regulations in order to keep each other safe. 

Overseas travel

Students travelling from overseas before the start of term, should be aware they may be required to quarantine for 14 days upon reaching the UK, prior to attending LSC. This includes UK Students who have been out of the country. Students should monitor the UK Government’s list of countries which require quarantine (please note this can change frequently).  Students that will be required to quarantine for 14 days, should check with their London accommodation to ensure that they will be able to do this on their arrival.