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LSC Alumni Profile; Jye Frasca

An interview with alumnus Jye Frasca, currently staring in Wicked on Broadway.Untitled 3


Jye Frasca joined London Studio Centre in 1997 and has since gone on to have great success in both film and theatre. After leaving LSC Jye went straight into his West End Debut, being cast as A-rab in West Side Story. Since then Jye has had a varied and diverse career. His credits include Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys (London Original Cast and Las Vegas), Natan Leopold in Thrill Me (London Original Cast), Robert Cohn in Fiesta (London Original Cast), Wicked (London Original Cast), Mary Poppins (London Original Cast), We Will Rock You (London), Anything Goes (London NT), Love’s Labour’s Lost (London NT), Mr Mistofolees in Cats (London), Pepper in Mamma Mia (London), A-rab in West Side Story (London Revival Cast).

Currently starring in Wicked on Broadway in the role of Boq, we spoke to Jye earlier this summer to find out more about his time at LSC and if he has any advice for our students and graduates.

What is your favourite memory of your time at LSC?

I have too many! But if I have to pick one, I suppose my favourite memory would be getting the opportunity to play the lead role of Claude in the Seedtime production of Hair! It fully prepared me for what I would have to do throughout my career, giving me the opportunity to really focus on refining my craftsmanship and getting to lead a company.

The course gave me the gift of working with the best teachers and I was able to put that all into practice doing that show. I then was fortunate enough to sign with my first agent and during the summer break landed my first West End show, West Side Story.

Looking back, How do you feel LSC prepared you for your career?

The level of focus one must have for their craft and to have a successful career is no small feat. It requires discipline, dedication, and a lot of hard work. The course at LSC gave me all the tools I needed to really guide me and it prepare me for a professional career in the theatre. Along with the amazing faculty at LSC we also got to work with guest teachers who were working professionally in the West End. You have a real opportunity to absorb so much information and put it all into practice.

If you could give one piece of advice to our graduates what would it be?

Follow your dreams and keep going - In this day and age of social media we are seeing peoples outward lives. Now, I love social media but it can confuse people into thinking that they are not doing well themselves which is simply not true. You are only seeing what people want you to see which can be slightly misleading.. but if you are smart you will never put anything negative on your own social platforms! I believe you need to really ask yourself "what is my dream?" Whatever it is, take the steps to fulfill it and stay focused. You can achieve anything you want but you must stay true to yourself and very focused. You will hear many no's throughout your career and it will be frustrating. I have been there and felt it. But keep going. Your dreams can be your reality with hard work and focus. There is no time limit and no rush. "Run your own race, that way you will always win and be happy for those winning around you"!

And do you have any advice for our current students?

You are your own teacher - You are at an amazing place that will give you all the tools you need to have the career you want but it is up to you, and you alone, to do the work. This is something that stays true not just at LSC but after in your life and in your career ahead. I still do endless hours of practice as I want to be the very best I can be and see how far I can go. Don't settle for great, be extraordinary. With hard work and dedication anything is possible and this is your time to put the work in and really excel.