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Dokimi: empowering talent in the arts

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LSC alumni Cydney Uffindell-Phillips has had a successful career as a dancer, actress, choreographer and director, working on productions such as Cabaret, and The Wind in the Willows alongside other TV, film and commercial credits. She acknowledges herself; that having experience on and off screen has provided her with a broad knowledge of what the production team requires from the performers to efficiently achieve the client’s needs. Cydney is now putting this insight to pioneering new use, branching out and using her skills in a whole other area of the industry.

Dokimi is an online social network for those working in the artistic industry and is the brain child of Cydney. Pronounced as ‘Doo-Kee-Mee’, the network is described by its creator very simply as ‘Recommended Talent on the Scene’.  It allows professionals to connect and recommend other people for jobs and see who knows who in a safe and professional way. It provides an opportunity for people to put themselves forward for jobs that are posted, but also to recommend others, as well as searching for people with specific expertise. Dokimi‘s network boasts current members that include Directors, Casting Directors, Choreographers, Performers, Musicians, Producers, Screen and Stage crew, Writers and Photographers.

Cydney noticed that the value of an individual is hard to determine from a credit on a CV. And created Dokimi to allow its members to establish trustworthy working relationships by filling in the gaps on a CV through word of mouth recommendation and network connections.

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The Dokimi Aim is simple but effective:

“It is our mission is to empower valued talent in the arts and entertainment industry by connecting members through recommendations. The Dokimi Network strives to encourage diversity in the arts by introducing a new way to identify talent, and by broadening the current field of vision. We aim to provide a platform that can help launch new talent, as well as extending the opportunities available to established talent, at an accessible cost.”

We wish Cydney and the team behind Dokimi the best success, it is great to see our alumni utalising their skills to help further diversify and support the industry in such a positive way and from the reviews below we are sure the start-up network will go from strength to strength.

"The Dokimi Network has allowed me to access an instant and reliable database ofmulti-skilled professionals in the industry" - (Emma Brunton: Assistant Director & Choreographer)

"Finally a network of talents where people skills and personality are equally valued as craft and technique, and where you can trust that each individual comes highly recommended from fellow artists. Found some true gems on Dokimi" - (Marie: Assistant Director)

"Finally someone had the balls to create something the industry has needed for a long time, and they've done so with integrity, which makes it that much rarer and invaluable" - (Christie Lee Manning: UnCorked Theatre)