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Priscilla returns to New Zealand

Celebrating its 10th anniversary and following on from its recent successful UK tour, Priscilla Queen of the Desert will be taking a trip to New Zealand this autumn, opening at the Civic Theatre in Auckland on 14th October. There for a limited time only; fans have been urged to sign up to the waiting list to avoid disappointment as the show sold out in record breaking time on its last visit to Auckland in 2008. The most successful Australian musical of all time, with 17 international productions, including West End and Broadway has already been seen by over 5 million people and continues to be a success across the world.


Top: Adam Lyons, Bottom: Callum Nicol

Heading out to New Zealand with the international touring cast are LSC alumni Adam Lyons and Callum Nicol. We caught up with Adam, who has just finished the Pricilla UK tour along side LSC alumni Robin Mills and James-Paul McAllister, to find out how he is finding his touring experience so far:

What are you enjoying the most about being part of the Priscilla cast?

Adam: Being a part of Priscilla is like Christmas every single day. The fun doesn't stop. The cast and crew make it a dream to work on as everybody is so lovely, passionate and we all want to be there doing what we love night after night. I am loving tour life and being in a different place each week and seeing the world. Travelling and performing is what I live for. I have such a passion for the show and I love how we never fail to receive a standing ovation, it really is over whelming. We are spreading such beautiful messages to audiences across the globe and I feel such a sense of love for the LGBT community.

What skills did you have from your training at LSC that has helped you with your role and touring life?

A: I most definitely had the self-discipline required to tour and maintain a strong performance 8 shows a week. LSC truly taught me how demanding it is and how important it is to look after your body. If you can conquer a weekly schedule at LSC then you are on your way to managing 8 shows a week for sure.

What advice do you have for performing arts students following in your footsteps?

A: The advice I always give for anybody wanting to pursue a career in the arts is to always stay true to themselves and never forget the passion and strive you have in you in order for you to want to do this. Times can get tough but when you love your job, the rewards are so fulfilling. Work hard, push yourself, keep your goals in sight every single day and open your mind to what you want in life and put it out in the universe. You are capable of great things. Be a nice person, work hard, share your talents and put smiles on people’s faces around the world doing what you do best. It is a beautiful thing to share your art. When you go in to college every day you should have nothing but positivity to spread around the building, rid any negative vibes. When times get tough in class, always go back to the root of why you are doing this. Never be afraid of rejection because everything will happen how it should and when it should. You have to learn to deal with it and not let it get you down. Constantly push push push!

Priscilla UK tour 2016 3

Adam (third from right) Robin Mills (far right), in rehearsals with Duncan James as part of the Priscilla UK tour. 

Priscilla UK tour 2016 2

Production shot from Priscilla Uk tour, Robin Mills (far left), James-Paul McAllister (second from left), Adam (far right) as part of the ensemble in the Priscilla UK tour.