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Wicked International Tour

Last week Wicked began its worldwide journey that will span from now, until 2018. The international touring cast kick started their travels by first visiting the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford, which is the only UK city to host the musical outside London in 2016. The show will stay in England for 5 weeks only ahead of opening in Singapore on 29th September 2016, before traveling on to Hong Kong and Manila.

Many of our alumni have previously danced in the West End and UK tour cast of Wicked. This year; setting off with the new international production is James Davies-Williams (Ensemble) Tom Mather (Ensemble) Paul Saunders (Swing /Dance Captain) and Hannah Toy (Dance Supervisor). 


Top row: Left: James William Davies, Right: Tom Mather. Bottom row: Left: Paul Saunders, Right: Hannah Toy

We caught up with James, to see how he was finding the experience so far:

What are you enjoying the most about being part of the Wicked cast?

J: Wicked has always been my favourite musical. I remember seeing it ten years ago and wanting to be in it so badly! It's just a dream come true that I have been able to fulfill that dream and I feel I have to pinch myself everyday! Working on such a huge show is so great and to be a part of the massive family of Wicked is everything and more I could of ever have imagined.

What skills did you have from your training at LSC that has helped you with your role?

J: London Studio Centre has set me up so well for Wicked. The show has very stylised choreography and every move is so specific, I feel that my jazz lessons at studios have taught me how to pay close attention to detail and to pick up on the dynamic movement of the choreography.

What new skills did you need to learn and develop while in Wicked?

J: I have learnt a lot about being a strong ensemble member and working as a team to create something so special. It is a demanding show and a lot of hard work but the reward you get performing in such an iconic musical is indescribable.

What advice do you have for performing arts students following in your footsteps?

J: My advice to students is to always keep going. However how many no's you receive; always walk away with your head held high. If you get cut from auditions or don't get the job after having a final audition, it isn't necessarily your downfall there are so many factors that add up to booking a job. Train hard, try your best, smile and keep going! All the no's only make the yes' better!