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Performing arts and entrepreneurship go hand in hand

Making the decision to train in dance and theatre performance to a professional level, does not only prepare you for a life on the stage, but provides with many transferable skills which can make you an ideal employee or entrepreneur. Through performance we not only learn, motivation and commitment, we also perfect collaboration and teamwork skills; creative thinking and problem solving. Numerous avenues are open for you when you’re a graduate; on top of your ability to utilise the multi-disciplined expertise you have learnt in the studio. Many of our students go on to become choreographers, directors, agents and casting directors within the industry, as well as teachers, designers, or even entrepreneurs or company managers. Success can only be increased by performers strong capabilities in communication, time management, teamwork, adaptability and working under pressure. 

Emily Evans and Jessica Evans have recently set up their own entertainment company with a twist, The Twin Swing. The Twin Swing are a professional dance act available for hire at corporate events, private events, festivals, product launches and much more, and pledge to bring something memorable with a touch of sparkle to any event. They are delighted to say that since beginning their start up business providing entertainment and dance tuition, they have performed their act at well established venues such Chessington World of Adventure, The Hilton; London, Intercontinental; London Park Lane and Shangri-La Hotel; The Shard.


We caught up with Emily Evans and Jessica Evans who make up the double act to see how they were enjoying their new enterprise:

How did LSC prepare you for the professional industry? 

The standard of training at LSC is extremely high. The degree course creates a strong work ethic and the students that join are committed to succeeding not only academically but also in the dance performance side. Everything about LSC prepared me for the professional industry from the high standard of teachers to the academic lectures.

How did LSC provide you with the skills you needed to start the Twin Swing

The work ethic at LSC was so high and this is something you need to start a small business alone. Also, LSC instilled confidence to put creative ideas forward and present them in the most professional way. More than that however, necessary skills such as promoting, marketing and networking were a strong part of our training at LSC and these have been a vital part of the success we have had.

What motivates you?

We have always loved dance and that is something that motivates us both. Seeing other people genuinely enjoying what we do and now giving them the opportunity to have a go - and seeing positive results is really motivating! I guess when times have been tough; we are lucky to have had each other to keep the motivation high.

What new skills have you had to develop?

We have become social media marketing 'keen beans' as it really does create hype about your business, as well as help it get out there to the masses. Just getting people to see what you do! On top of that, we have developed skills in dealing with clients, event planning and much more!

What advice do you have for other budding entrepreneurs/theatre school alumni?

When you get a positive response about an idea you have had - run with it and be passionate about it. If you are not whole-heartedly in it, how can you expect anyone else to be? You will be the face of this business so stay positive, enthusiastic and motivated even when things aren't going so well as hard work does pay off.