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Bradshaw strides into uncharted endeavours

Luke Bradshaw trained with London Studio Centre and after opting for the contemporary dance pathway. He graduated from INTOTO DANCE, in 2013.

"INTOTO DANCE was a great learning curve and experience. The structure of each day is exactly that of a professional dance company; class in the morning and then into rehearsal for the rest of the day. It helps build the staying power and mindset needed to suceed as a professional dancer. Also when in INTOTO DANCE the working relationships with the leaders of the company developed from that of a student and teacher, to dancer and artistic director; this prepared me for professional life and allowed me to hit the ground running." LUKE BRADSHAW

LukeBradshawAbove: 5 SOLDIERS promotional tour image, Luke Bradshaw, centre.                                                                                                                                     

After LSC Luke went onto dance with various dance companies including The Burklyn Ballet Theatre and Kim Robard's Dance Company, in America. When returning to London he also worked with James Wilton Dance and Jorge Crecis. Luke has had sucess dancing for Citrus Arts, a contemporary circus and theatre company based in Wales, where he began his training in the art of Corde Lisse. After touring with Terry Gilliam's production of the opera Benvenuto Cellini, he began dancing for Dam Van Huynh Dance Company. Most recently Luke can be found dancing in Rosie Kay's Company, who won best international dance company of the year award at the National Dance Awards 2015, in a production called 5 SOLDIERS.


Rosie Kay Dance Company's latest production 5 SOLDIERS has been hailed as a five star, award-winning show, that promises to change the way you think about war forever. A moving, dramatic and unique work that looks at how the human body remains essential to war. The production has been awarded best dance production 2015 from the North East Theatre Guide and has been given an Arts and Health Special Commendation by the Royal Society for Public Health for the company's excellent contribution to arts and health practice. 

"5 SOLDIERS which, in it's humane, unsparing study of modern army life, has taken Kay's choreography, and dance as a whole, into radically uncharted territory." THE GUARDIAN

"Simply a five star must-see however you view the armed forced." BIRMINGHAM PRESS

"Deeply moving, relevant and so representative of how soldiers are. Arresting and disturbing." FORMER GREEN JACKET SOLDIER

We caught up with Luke recently and asked him what advice he could pass on to aspiring performers in the world of contemporary dance:

L: I would tell them to trust the guidance of their teachers and the outside perspective they have on you. The impact of this guidance from LSC has had a hugely positive impact on my career and filtered through into my life in many other ways too. I would also implore them to not take notes and criticisms too personally. If you have the job, the director/choreographer likes you already, everything from that point onwards is about working together to produce the best possible work. Always be open and show up ready to fully commit to the process of creation and rehearse with as much energy as you perform; and then you can react and deal with surprises as they come. 

What skills did LSC arm you with for the professional world?

L: The biggest skill LSC gave me is knowledge and the importance of prioritising attention to detail, you have to always be personally responsible for retaining choreography and correction for yourself while remembering to be musical. LSC also taught me a range of dance techniques, the variety instilled in me a flexible mindset and approach to dance. This has been invaluable in allowing me to work with the varied and interesting companies that I have so far. 


Luke is a fantastic example of our alumni who are conscientiously always striding to improve upon their skillset. He has further developed his passion for writing after being awarded a BA hons at LSC and has seen his work published in dance magazines Tanz and Dance Europe. Luke also works in his spare time as a Yoga teacher and as a class pianist for a variety of dance classes in London.

"All three years of LSC are a journey and so is the rehearsal process in a professional company. Be open to constantly grow and become the best dancer you can be, even if it is not in the direction you had originally imagined. Always be open to learning new skills as you never know where they will take you." LUKE BRADSHAW

Luke is currently on the Army of Scotland Tour of 5 SOLIDERS until the end of May, visiting Glasgow, Glencorse, Stirling, Inverness and Aberdeen. For more information how to book tickets to catch this must see production please click here.