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Adelle Young: A catch up with LSC alumni

Adele Young appearing on Chicago the Musical iconic poster (photo credit: Simon Turtle)Adelle Young in iconic Chicago the Musical poster (picture credit: Simon Turtle) 

London Studio Centre is always proud to see its alumni working in all areas of the performing arts industry - from performing and choreography, to becoming artistic directors and founding their own businesses. We recently caught up with graduate Adelle Young to hear how her career moved from performing to running her own successful company. 

Adelle graduated from LSC in 2004 and embarked on a successful performing career, including understudying and playing Roxie in the West End's Chicago (as well as playing swing and assistant dance captain). Adele also performed in We Will Rock You (Dominion Theatre), Cats (international tour), in the film X-Men: First Class and in commercial work including music videos for Kylie Minogue. Adelle also became the international face of Chicago when she was featured on the iconic poster for the West End production.

After five years in Chicago, Adelle began teaching and organising workshops, leading to the launch of West End Wendies, a performing arts school. AM Kids Agency was later established to provide opportunities and guidance to the future generation of performers. "Reputation is key to success and I offer all my young clients my time, dedication and knowledge taken from my years at LSC", Adele explained. This legacy to the industry is something that she shares with many other alumni. "LSC graduates continue to work in the industry long after graduation and many of my fellow graduates are now producers, choreographers, casting directors or teachers and continue to influence performance in numerous ways".

"LSC allowed me to be an individual and kept me grounded. The college equipped me with the essential skills to perform at the highest level with a strong inderstanding of technique; eight shows a week can only be achieved through a solid training", said Adelle. "LSC took my raw talent and molded it through a true understanding of performance. Through ballet I learnt the importance of strength, through anatomy I explored dance injury and through technical jazz I learnt to follow direction- performing the choreography as the choreographer sees it and not just as I interpret it". LSC's training gave Adelle the skills not only to be a star performer, but a successful businesswoman also, "LSC taught me that the 'devil is in the detail'. You have to be one step ahead of your competition, grasp every opportunity, fully understand your USP and shout about it, LSC made me the performer I was but gave me the entrepreneurial outlook I have now".  

Adelle is not alone in making the transition from performing career into arts management, as graduates use the breadth of skills from training to become successfull entrepreneurs and managers. LSC graduate Chantal Spiteri now works as Managing Director and Producer for ZooNation Dance Company, overseeing all aspects of the company from performances to education and outreach work, to ZooNation's agency. Also in a dance management role is Lucy Bayliss, who graduated as a member of INTOTO Dance and now works as Head Creative Programmes and Dance East in Ipswich.

Many other alumni have also taken the performance and choreography skills learned at LSC and established their own dance companies and acts. As part of LSC's Professional Development and Careers Guidance series, students recently heard from LSC graduate Emily Evans. As one half of The Twin Swing, a vintage dance act, Emily spoke about the importance of business savvy skills alongside performing abilities.

As many performers continue to persue portfolio careers, the range of skills gained through LSC's full-time courses has become an increasingly important aspect of our training. Nic Espinosa, Director of London Studio Centre, explained: "As the requirements of the dance profession have shifted over recent years, dancers more than ever need this versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. The success of our training is proven by our alumni's achievements not just in performance, but beyond, into careers that can transition and achieve lasting success in the theatrical profession".