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BalletBoyz Masterclass for LSC students

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This term students will have the exciting opportunity of receiving a Masterclass ran by the critically acclaimed BalletBoyz. Students are looking forward to the company visiting London Studio Centre on the run up to their performance at artsdepot on May 11th 2016. 

Originally founded in 2001 by Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt, both ex-Principal dancers for The Royal Ballet Company, BalletBoyz is renowned for working innovatively with choreographers, designers and dancers. In 2010 they began a mentoring system, coaching young male dancers to a high standard to be able to progress into the company. With this system of training the company has gone from strength to strength; winning multiple awards. 

Michael Nunn, Billy Trevitt and Kerry Whelan (BalletBoyz Executive Director) have also recently become Artitstic Directors at bbodance, formally known as the British Ballet Organisation. Our own Director and CEO of London Studio Centre, Nic Espinosa is the Chairman of bbodance and is closely involved in the day to day running of the Organisation. 

While London Studio Centre has always maintained strong and current links to the wider performing arts industry, we look forward to continuing this close relationship with the BalletBoyz in the future. 

For more information about the BalletBoyz 2016 tour, please click here