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Specialist One Year Programme

Information about our COVID plans for this programme/course for 2021/22 can be found here.

Nicolo Centocchi, LSC Graduate OYP, joined Sarasota Ballet
Nicolo Centocchi, LSC Graduate OYP, joined Sarasota Ballet


This is a specialist year of training in which the programme of study is organised to meet the needs and aspirations of the applicant. The course aims to support professional training, drawing on the breadth of the curriculum and expertise of the staff to suit the requirements of particular individuals. The programme of study is individually negotiated with the applicant.

This is a 1-year independent study course.


Individual personalised timetables are jointly developed by the student and staff to fulfil the student's professional aspirations.


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Please note that in most cases, applicants have to be self-funded.


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