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Dance Performance


    Auditions for our full-time courses take place between December and April each year and are booked through the application form.

    9 December (Full)

    18 January (Full)

    15 February

    21 February

    31 March

    6 April

    10 December (Full)

    25 January (Full)

    18 February

    7 March

    1 April

    7 April

    11 December (Full)

    1 February (Full)

    19 February

    21 March

    2 April

    8 April

    11 January (Full)

    8 February

    20 February

    28 March

    3 April

    9 April 


    Auditions for the normal September entry are held from the preceding December to April. Candidates select their own audition date on the application and will be notified via email of the details upon receipt of the completed application form and fee.

    The audition is run on one day in two stages with applicants auditioning for one of four specialist pathways. The audition which takes the form of an assessment in three technique classes; ballet, contemporary dance, and jazz dance. Singing is required for candidates auditioning for the music theatre pathway and is optional for all other pathways at this stage of the audition process.

    In the afternoon applicants may be taken through to a second stage. They will present a solo based on their chosen pathway and attend an interview and physical assessment.

    The audition panel then submit their recommendations to the Admissions Review Board following the auditions. Initial outcomes are notified via email, with formal letters of offer being sent by post. Parents or guardians are most welcome to come along on the audition day; staff are available to answer any questions they may have about studying at London Studio Centre.

    Applicants who audition successfully for one of London Studio Centre’s full-time courses will be required to complete a registration form, provide identification documents and pay a £500 non-refundable deposit to secure their place on the course within the deadline stated in the letter of offer.