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Examiners' Quotes

Current External Examiners:

Dr. Susie Cooper - Choreographer and Dance Lecturer with the Royal Ballet School and Royal Academy of Dance

Prof. Ken Pickering - Honorary Professor of Drama and Performance at the University of Kent

Examiners' Reports 2013-14 & 2014-15

Programme design, content and standards:
'The BA Theatre Dance programme at London Studio Centre continues to offer a highly rigorous practical and academic framework through which students are able to explore their creative, technical and scholarly potential as dance artists and as thinkers and writers about dance.' - James Hewison

'A consistency in the level of achievement ...and the results continue to be both pleasing and impressive.' – David Henson

'The curriculum enables a positive integration of theory and practice, and contains innovative assessment methods to achieve its aims. ...Equally, more traditional forms of assessment, such as public performance, underpin the curriculum and standards, and in this respect the practical achievements of the performance companies was excellent.' – James Hewison

Student Performance:
'The performance of LSC students in the large-scale public performance companies that I moderated "on tour" year was excellent. Both the Jazz and the Contemporary companies demonstrated a professionalism and level of technical skill and performance stamina that underlined the level of the students' technical capacity and also their commitment and hard work.' – James Hewison

'I have also had the pleasure to... see some high-level creative practice. The Dissertation module produced some excellent examples of student choreography that indicated that... the students were capable of generating intelligent, provoking and thoughtful dance-works.' – James Hewison

'I continue to find the subjects offered [in the final year research presentations] both stimulating and brave in their opportunities to enable the students to have a great awareness of the world of dance and all that it has to offer.' – David Henson

'Standards of student achievement in certain areas of the curriculum are excellent. Notably these are occurring in areas of dance performance, which is perhaps to be expected given the entry-level skills-sets of the cohort, and their access to intensive training and development with highly skilled and experienced staff at LSC, and with visiting industry-professionals. However, I have been equally impressed by some examples of undergraduate written work, and have noted individual scripts of publishable scholarly quality.' – James Hewison

'I would highlight some of the excellent work that I have witnessed in terms of the students' creative output, especially in the areas of choreography and video-production where innovative, fresh and lively attitudes to artistic exploration are clearly in play.' – James Hewison

Assessments: structure, design and marking:
'Assessors continue to offer detailed and thoughtful feedback, and give clear indications as to where the success had been noted.' – David Henson

'Written feedback is clear and generous, and my observations of staff in dialogue with students, e.g. in rehearsals and technique classes, suggests an energised and positive learning and teaching environment.' – James Hewison

'I had utmost confidence in the level of marking within this module [Seedtime – Music Theatre Professional Option] and many of the decisions were clearly evidenced in the performance work observed, especially in identifying skills and performance potential.' – David Henson

'I am extremely confident that the range of assessment opportunities available to LSC students enables both a fair and thorough examination of their skills, abilities and knowledge.' – James Hewison

Quality Enhancement of the Student Experience:
'I am confident that my comments as EE are distributed, discussed and, where appropriate, acted on.' – James Hewison

'Good practice: Committed and professional teaching and support for student performance.' – James Hewison

'The quality of the performance work produced in [the final year performance companies] was exemplary this year.' – James Hewison

Summary comments from Dr J Smith-Autard, Dance education specialist and External Examiner in 2012-13:
'The standards across the board – both in practical and theory-based work – are amazingly high in comparison to other universities....It continues to be remarkable that LSC students find the time and energy to...reach very high levels of achievement in both theory and practice...This is truly admirable dedication generated by the course and staff which is clearly willingly accepted as the norm by students....As an outcome, LSC is producing graduates who are intelligent, thinking and very skillful dancers, ready for the challenging demands of their chosen profession.'