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Director's Welcome

Nic Espinosa

I am delighted to take this opportunity to introduce you to London Studio Centre.

London Studio Centre celebrated its 40th birthday in 2018. The college has an outstanding international reputation for providing dance training in a wide variety of disciplines, enabling our students to become versatile and valuable members of the theatrical profession. Each department is, in its own right, a centre of excellence where students can train to a high professional standard. The Theatre Dance Course at London Studio Centre not only offers a thorough training in the skills required for a career in the professional theatre, but also provides the option for students to gain internationally recognised qualifications.

Our unique and successful programme is constantly under review and enables students to follow a broad-based training, specialising in their chosen field for their final year. We seek to preserve and nourish the individuality and creative spirit of each of our students, encouraging them to develop as performers and to accelerate their individual progress.

Our policy at London Studio Centre is strictly to limit the number of students in any one class. If more students apply to take a particular class, we simply create another one of the same level. There are currently fourteen levels of ballet and of jazz, contemporary and tap. Our staff/student ratio of 1:7 ensures personal interest and care from the faculty, enabling students to emerge as self-confident and self-disciplined individuals ready to move into their chosen branch of the professional theatre.

Student Welfare is a vital aspect of our work. We have a number of specialist staff available for consultation about specific areas including health, accommodation and finance. We also have an experienced physiotherapist who visits London Studio Centre to examine and diagnose students' injuries, as well as a masseur, nutritionist, dyslexia tutors and counsellor for students' care and well-being. The Health and Safety Committee review and enhance these services regularly, with the Student Welfare Team monitoring and supporting individual students.

Over the past few years, the profession has been expressing concern that vocational colleges are under-represented in certain areas. We are particularly focused on addressing these issues and take positive steps to attract students from a diverse range of cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. For example, our Widening Participation Fund enables students from these areas, who may not otherwise be able to take up a place, to benefit from financial assistance in completing their training. We also wish to redress the male/female imbalance that still persists in what is a traditionally female-dominated environment – that of dance – and actively seek to increase the number of male students auditioning, enrolling and eventually graduating from London Studio Centre, and entering the dance profession.

In the vibrant atmosphere at London Studio Centre all our students are treated as professionals. We have an 'open door' communications policy, which lends itself to a very special working environment among both students and staff that produces positive, versatile and communicative young professional performers. This is demonstrated over the long history of successes of our graduates in every branch of the performing arts. Our graduates not only become the performers of tomorrow, but the makers and doers of the industry, leaving London Studio Centre with the entrepreneurial skills to meet the demands of today's careers. We are proud to see our alumni at the top of their fields not just in performing, but directing, choreographing, teaching and founding their own companies.

We are most fortunate to have a highly distinguished teaching faculty dedicated to imparting their own knowledge and artistry; we are delighted to attract so many professional performers providing the finest training available.