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Auditions for the normal September entry are held from the preceding December to April. The candidates will be notified (via e-mail) of the audition date and schedule upon receipt of the completed application form and fee.

The audition panel then submit their recommendations to the Admissions Review Board and the formal result of the audition is sent to each candidate by post. Parents or guardians are most welcome to come along on the audition day; staff are available to answer any questions they may have.

The audition is run in two stages. The primary audition takes the form of assessment in three technique classes; ballet, contemporary and jazz. Candidates who select music theatre on their application will also be required to prepare a song of their choice for the primary audition and bring their own sheet music. Singing is not required for any other genre at this stage.

Candidates who are successful at this stage will then be invited to attend a recall audition. There are four different genres of recall; classical ballet, contemporary, jazz and music theatre.

Ballet – Candidates will attend a further ballet class and will receive a choice of solo they must prepare and perform*. There will also be a pointe work assessment following the ballet class for female applicants.

Contemporary – Candidates will attend a further contemporary class and are required to prepare a solo of no more than 2 minutes to demonstrate their performance skills and movement quality. This is not a choreographic assessment.

Jazz – Candidates will learn two contrasting jazz routines (one technical and one hip-hop) and perform a song from a list provided*.

Music Theatre – Candidates will learn a jazz routine and prepare a contemporary monologue of approximately 2 minutes in length and a song from a list provided*.


*The list of ballet solos and songs will be sent out following the primary audition.