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Mission Statement


London Studio Centre is committed to provide an education in dance and related subjects for the professional theatre, in an environment where the individual creative talents of each student are nurtured.


In relation to individual students, LSC aims to:

  • provide a learning experience that enables students to develop their full potential in an open, honest, supportive and stimulating environment, through a multi-disciplined and professional dance education
  • equip students with the subject knowledge and understanding, and the intellectual, academic, practical and transferable skills to enable them to work creatively and constructively in their chosen profession
  • encourage graduates to be self-reliant individuals, able to demonstrate performance skills relevant to employers’ needs and expectations
  • prepare graduates to work creatively and constructively as a member of a team.

In relation to the institution, LSC aims to:

  • provide undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to the highest international standards, subject to relevant benchmarks, which both serve and influence the professional world to which they relate
  • nurture and sustain learning and teaching practice that is informed by relevant scholarship and creative practice, which in turn benefits dance pedagogy across the curriculum
  • support a cohesive learning and teaching community of creative practitioners, whose work is characterised by best practice in dance as a creative art, situated in contemporary culture
  • provide equality of access and opportunity to all staff and students with regard to all that it does.


The London Studio Centre is committed to the following values:

  • All forms of dance and music theatre are viewed with equal value
  • The education at LSC should be made available to students from all social and cultural backgrounds, in accordance with the London Studio Centre’s Equal Opportunities Policy
  • To create a stimulating cultural and intellectual environment in which students will flourish and develop as individual artists
  • To value and protect the well-being of the individual
  • To promote education that enables students to become confident, versatile and communicative performers
  • To provide an environment in which creative thinking thrives
  • To attain the highest possible standards in dance and music theatre training and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of performance
  • To be aware and ensure that the educational programme stays abreast of the ever changing requirements of the professional theatre
  • To maintain the principle of continuing education and the provision of opportunities of personal development
  • To protect the lineage of dance culture whilst extending its boundaries.